Contrave 8mg/90mg (Bupropion, Naltrexone) – 120 tablets per bottle

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Contrave 8mg/90mg (Bupropion, Naltrexone) is a combination of two different medications: naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride.

Name: Contrave

Dosage: 8mg/90mg

Packing: 120 tablets bottle

Product form: tablets


Contrave 8mg/90mg (Bupropion, Naltrexone) is a combination of two different medications: naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride.

Contrave 8mg/90mg (Bupropion, Naltrexone) is used by certain overweight people, such as those who are obese or have weight-related medical problems. Losing weight and keeping it off can lessen the many health risks that come with obesity, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a shorter life.

Side effects Contrave 8mg/90mg

The following adverse reactions are discussed in other sections of the labeling:

Suicidal Behavior and Ideation
Neuropsychiatric Adverse Events
Increase in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
Allergic Reactions
Angle-Closure Glaucoma
Common side effects of Contrave include:

trouble sleeping (insomnia),
dry mouth,
hot flashes,
abdominal pain,
flu symptoms,
ringing in the ears,
urinary tract infection,
high blood pressure,
increased sweating,
changes in taste,
muscle strain,
problems with attention,
lightheadedness, or

Contrave is started at a low dose and gradually increased. A total daily dosage of two Contrave 8 mg/90 mg tablets twice daily (32 mg/360 mg) is reached at the start of Week 4. Contrave may interact with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), opioid-containing medicines (such as cough and cold remedies, antidiarrheal drugs, and opioid analgesics), antidepressants, antipsychotics, beta-blockers, antiarrhythmics, ticlopidine, clopidogrel, ritonavir, lopinavir, efavirenz, theophylline, corticosteroids, levodopa, amantadine, and alcohol. Contrave is not recommended for use during pregnancy. It may harm a fetus. This drug passes into breast milk and is not recommended for use while breastfeeding. Withdrawal symptoms may occur if you suddenly stop taking this medication. Contact us to get more information about this product.

Weight loss can be challenging. A diet pill sounds like the perfect solution. But there is no weight loss medication that works perfectly for everyone. Talk to your doctor about your diet and exercise experience and your medical history to determine if Contrave 8mg/90mg might work for you. If you decide to give this medication a try, stay in contact with your healthcare team if you notice unusual signs or symptoms and maintain your strong commitment to nutritious eating and regular physical activity to make sure that your body stays strong and healthy as you slim down.


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